Political Party Registration Law

   (September 27, 1988)
   To prepare for a "multiparty democratic general election," the State Law and Order Restoration Council repealed the 1964 Law Safeguarding National Unity, which made the Burma Socialist Programme Party the only legal political party, on September 19, 1988, and a week later decreed the Political Party Registration Law, which enabled groups to acquire recognition as parties from the Election Commission. By the end of October 1988, 66 parties had been registered, growing to 171 by the end of the year. By mid-1989, 233 parties had been registered, although the Election Commission subsequently "deregistered" all but 93 parties, which were allowed to contest the General Election of May 27, 1990. Among the 93 eligible parties were the National League for Democracy and the National Unity Party.

Historical Dictionary of Burma (Myanmar). . 2014.

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